Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A moment of pessimism

My friend Margie did this a while back, and I liked the idea.  A while ago I had my "30 things I love about life" list... now I'll do the 30 Things I dislike/hate/annoy me about my life/in general.... this is broad.

1. When people are loud when they should be quiet.  I have trouble hearing, so it's really aggravating.
2. Being sick at college.  Makes me miss my mom.
3. Goodbye's
4. Being completely shut out by a group, and being ignored.
5. Being as sentimental as I am.  Takes me a long time to get over stuff.
6. Being spread apart from a lot of my friends... distance.
7. When friendships fall apart
8. People who think they are always right.
9. Tuna
10. Zombies.. although I may have gotten over this fear a bit
11. Paint brushes that haven't been washed out
12. When girls keep going back to guys that treat them badly
13. Unrequited feelings
14. When kids deliberately don't listen to you
15. Homework
16. When people don't thank you for things you went out of your way to do.
17. bad hair days
18. How my hair falls out when I'm stressed
19. Studying for Hebrew
20. Small hands when I'm trying to play guitar
21. When my plans don't line up with God's plans
22. When people are close mined to others and are quick to judge
23. Ignorance
24. Ranch dressing (un-Texan of me, yes!)
25. Crappy internet connections
26. When people don't get excited about things
27. When guys obviously stare at your boobs
28. Rising gas prices... it's gone up like a buck since 6 months ago!
29. Sex trafficking
30. feeling alone

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