Friday, April 20, 2012

Would You Rather....

I'm actually updating this from my phone... Yay smart phones!!

Anywho, during the summer I like to play a game with my campers to pass time. It is called "Would you rather?". In this game I give them a choice of two things and they have to choose. Some of my personal favorites from this last summer were, "would you rather never get married or never have kids?", "Would you rather never brush your teeth or never take a shower?", and "would you rather fall in love with a lamp post or never fall in love?".

Now I am in my 4th semester of Hebrew and am mentally finished. Everyone in that class is... including our professor!  However, I currently need to be studying.

Here are some things I would rather be doing:
Facebook.... 'nuh said.  I signed out so I would study.... maybe.

Stare blankly out this window... and see the guy sleeping, that's a good option as well!

Play this piano.

But this doesn't work.... unfortunately.  This is what I have to remind myself:

So let's be honest::
Would you rather never graduate or study for an hour?

... sigh...

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