Thursday, July 31, 2014

20-Somethings in Coffee Shops

"When I was younger, I saw 20-somethings sitting at coffee shops and thought they must be so happy now that they're older and have their lives together.  Now I'm the 20-something and I see that life doesn't slow down and fall into place just because you're old enough.  Being older just means that you have to make time to stop and enjoy that coffee," Anonymous. 

There are times when I wish I could capture a moment in time.  As if I could capture the way that I mentally feel sound, my heart feels whole, and my awareness is at ease in a mason jar.  The same jars I used to catch fireflies in as a child on my grandparent's farm in rural Missouri.

There are moments when it seems that all the things that are bothering me slip away and I am left in peace.  Because the music at the coffee shop is perfect as I read Augustine's Confessions.  Because I just got done having an educated discussion with friends about a random slur of theology, environmental, and nerdy things.  Because I was sitting in the midst of a farm field on a summer morning in Texas, before the immediate sweat factor of the Texas sun comes into play.  Because I see my best friend after a few months of her traveling the world.

Someday I may miss these things.  No, I will miss these things.

How I wish I could put them on a shelf and pull them out for future reference.

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