Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Talk About Astonishing

Lent Blog #3

I order a lot of used books from Amazon.  This summer I bought The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning after hearing great things about it and there being a reading club for it at my church.  I never got around to reading it though.

Last week I picked it up off my shelf.

Today, as I was preparing to read some and to start considering what to write for today's entry, I stumbled upon this letter written in the back of the book.  One of the advantages of used books is that they have been used, and more often than not, loved.

Thankful this book had been loved.
and thankful that they took the time to write this.

                                         "June 2006

I asked you to describe your faith in 
five words.  That's a tough thing to do considering 
how vast God is and yet, how personal he is.  
So we have an intimate relationship with the 
creator of not only the Earth, but the 
universe -- and the creator of Heaven.  
Everything flows from God!  He has time 
for us.  He likes us.  He loves us.  He yearns for us.

                           Talk about astonishing.

Talk about        

Equally astonishing.  Well, not the word itself.  
And maybe not equally astonishing as God himself.  
But it is grace that allows us to know HIM.  
So, for us, grace is everything.

          Experience it.
                     Experience him.

Thanks, N.W.D.
I'm gonna try!

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