Saturday, March 29, 2014

What did Jesus do?

Lent blog #6

Yesterday was crazy, and I realize that I forgot to write.  My apologies...

As I said before, lately I've been thinking about grace.  I've been thinking about what that means for my life, and what that means of what Christ did for me.  I've been thinking about how God's reflection of love, by giving me grace when I am in no such position to deserve it, is a reflection as to how I should extend grace to those around me.

I've also been thinking about betrayal.  That's a big word.  Or maybe it's a small, slightly overused word that only really has meaning to it when we feel it ourselves.  When we feel it, we are hurt by the people we put our time and our energy into.  We feel a loss of trust and a loss of friendship.

On my run this morning, I started to think about it.  All of a sudden I remembered that Jesus was betrayed.  I also thought it was weird that I forgot this.  If you're like me, while I may often quickly turn to prayer when I'm upset, I often don't think about the life of Jesus.  And then when I do, I more often question what would Jesus do?  Not, what about what DID Jesus do?

Jesus was betrayed many times.  What stands out to me the most is how Jesus was most often betrayed by those close to him-- his disciples.  Jesus betrayed him with one of the most intimate of actions-- a kiss.  Peter denied him three times, as Jesus himself predicted.  All the disciples deserted him in the Garden of Gethsemane after not being able to stay awake and keep watch: "Then everyone deserted him and fled," Mark 14:50.

So what does betrayal have to do with grace?

Perhaps Jesus' reactions to his betrayal and being deserted were filled with it.  And by perhaps, I mean that they were.  While Jesus first revealed himself to the women, they were told to tell the disciples that he was risen.  It was important to Jesus that the disciples knew of his resurrection.

Even in the midst of being betrayed, Jesus still gave his life for those who hurt him.  Jesus still forgave them.  Jesus still loved them.

So what does this mean for me?  My circumstances are far different than those of Jesus obviously... but I can't help but feel like grace is where God is calling me towards.  To treat those who hurt me with love and mercy even though they have hurt me.

Trying to follow Jesus is hard.

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