Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Can't finish this sentence...

I wrote this in December and just found it.  I like it, and although it's a little more personal than stuff I usually share, I thought it had some good ideas and that I would share it anyway.  Hope you enjoy!


I may wake up missing you some days, and hating you others. 
Sometimes I may wake up ready to face the day, and sometimes I may want to lay in bed and cry all day.
Some days I may find refuge in my quiet times,
Some days I may find it in a friend.
Sometimes I need to curl up and cry,
And sometimes I may want to run all my anger out.

Breakups suck. 
Even when you breakup mutually and have a "great" breakup, they still suck to experience.

BUT it’s life.
“Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead.”
Sometimes it is necessary for it to hurt for us to truly enjoy life,
To learn from the relationship.
To learn what was good and what was not.
To learn what we deserve.
To discover that this person you had wondered about all these years really isn’t the one.
To discover that he is still out there.
To discover that you’re not going to put up with crap waiting for him to arrive.
Realizing that you would rather try, fail, move on and find refuge in the Lord.

Sometimes we need to try,
Because if we don’t then we’re left with the question of “what if”?

So I’m glad we ventured into the unknown.
I’m glad we experienced that together, even if it wasn’t supposed to end the way we dreamed.

So although I still care about you, and want to be friends again some day,
Right now I can’t let you too close.
Right now I can’t let you see how I’m feeling.
Right now I can’t see your face.

Because even though I realize that we’re not meant to be,
I still like you,
I still love you.
I still tense up a little bit when things remind me of you.
I still miss you when I see a couple walking down the street.
I still miss your kisses and being in your embrace.
I still can’t finish this sentence.


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