Monday, February 27, 2012

Raise your voice, every single time they try and shut your mouth

This past year I have gotten the honor of being a Sing chair for my sorority.  This experience has meant so much to me, I can not even comprehend it, because I know that if I do I may end up in tears.

Ever since I started being in Sing my freshman year at Baylor, I had wanted to be a Sing chair.  I was really involved with theatre and choir at my school and church in high school, so this was something I found to fill the performing void.

My freshman year I was in a group called Sing Alliance.  In this group I got to know a lot of people who I'm still good friends with, and I got to experience my first Sing.  I was apprehensive about rushing and doing Sing Alliance, because most freshman don't.  But I think it was a really good decision that I made.  3 of my best friends in college came from this group, and we had a little group.  It was so much fun being in this group full of people who love performing!  We got 3rd place that year, which was something amazing to experience!

The next year I did Sing with my sorority.  It was a completely different experience.  While the year before everyone in the group I was in was there because they wanted to be, this was not the case.  Also, because it was a different organization, things were run differently.  I had fun bonding with my sorority sisters, but I knew that I wanted to be a chair the next year to have a positive influence on Sing for this group.  This year we didn't make it to Piskin (top 8 groups from Sing get to perform in Pigskin during homecoming).

This year I was a Sing chair for Alpha Delta Pi.  It came as such a blessing!  I got to know my sorority sisters so much better, and to see myself develop as a person and as a leader.  I became more comfortable talking in front of people, calling people out, talking to authority, etc.  I think this was just a really good positive experience for me.  Also, doing it with the three girls that I was chairs with was such a blessing.  I love each of them so much, and was so blessed to have gotten to work on a team with them.

We didn't make it to Pigskin this year, which is sad because we worked out butts off, but strangely I'm ok with it.  We bonded as a chapter, and we had a fun act that our group loved.  I could not be more proud!

Now comes the question of what I'm doing next year... I'm not sure if I'm going to apply for Student Productions or be a Sing chair another year.  I'm praying about it a lot, so for now, it is all in God's hands.

I am so blessed to go to a school that has the largest amateur production.  We even had Corbin Bleu judge our last night of Sing this year.  I am so so blessed.  What a great opportunity to not only entertain others, but to challenge and learn from yourself, and to develop as a child of God.

I love Baylor.  I love Sing.  Yep, that's about it! :-)

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